Embark towards destiny!

A knight, a fairy, and the world that tore them apart…

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“A man can change his destiny at the right time, under the right circumstances.”

Erik Belrose is becoming what he dreaded: a murderer, a butcher, a monster of war. The bloody redundancy of each battle was breaking his sanity. But, when a skirmish gone wrong gets him lost in an arcane forest, he meets the mesmerizing Auria, a fairy of the legendary Daystars. Shocked by her rarity and dazzle, Erik kept visiting her until she finally fell for his unique charm. They soon turned friendship into deep affection, and Erik replaced war for peace. However, this newfound peace shatters when Auria is mysteriously kidnapped by a man called Vallias, a commander of the rival kingdom of Balora. Enraged by the heinous act, Erik ventures alone into the enemy kingdom to rescue the fairy he loves. Within Balora, Erik will battle soldiers, survive beasts, and relive the vivid memories of his warring past. All odds are against him, but he will not rest his sword and shield until he finds and saves Auria.

This author did such a great job of making you feel that you were actually in the book. Everything seemed so real.

 It’s like a whole bunch of small adventures within a much bigger one! Lots of enemies to fight! Well written and a very enjoyable story!

Be the hero.

Fight the monsters.

Endure the journey.

In Search of Auria

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  1. In Search of Auria

    Written by Alexis Rojas

    In Search of Auria is a well written and fast paced book that once I started reading I couldn’t put down. I would also like to listen to this book as an Audible option so maybe that’s something the author could pursue in the future. I enjoyed the classic hero searching for a lost love plot and the main character is definitely someone that you as a reader can relate to and imagine being. I particularly enjoyed the action and fighting as it’s prob my favorite book to read at the moment. Looking forward to the next book from this author and he can only get better from here.

    Ben Johnson



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