A knight, a fairy, and the world that tears them apart…

Falling in love with a fairy might be a bit crazy, but entering a kingdom full of soldiers and beasts that want you dead? Well, that’s just mad.

Meet Erik Belrose, a young, intrepid knight of the kingdom of Miaflore. He has been involved in a war against the harsh kingdom of Balora for his whole life. But after seeing, and doing, so much killing over the years, he has grown tired of all the blood spilling. He sees no way out of the warrior life. That is, until he meets Auria of the daystars. Daystars are human-like fairies that can fly, burn and generate their own light through their crystal-like wings. Erik falls head over heels for her, and finally finds something to strive for in life. But, when Auria gets kidnapped by the balorians and taken into their kingdom, Erik is faced with two options: either accept his loss and release his rage on the frontlines; or abandon his army, infiltrate an enemy kingdom and risk everything to save the woman he loves.

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