About the author (me)

My name is Alexis Rojas, and I’ve been slim all my life.

I was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico and I’m the youngest of four. I have been writing for some time now, but only for myself. My mind is full of stories that go from ninjas, to dystopian worlds, even outer space. After so much stuff put into paper and digital space, I think it’s time to let people know what I’m made of. What I like is fantasy, sci-fi, adventure. But, I also like romance and drama. Nothing is better for me than seeing a hero prevail, but also to fall on his knees and shed a genuine tear for making a grand mistake.

I’ll write and update this blog to promote my first novel, In Search of Auria, but to also share insight in life and its different shades of color.

I’ll be seeing you later. And remember, stay awesome!

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