What made me write In Search of Auria

The idea to write a medieval fantasy came to me a few years back, but the root of the concept came from a short story I had written even farther back. The story was based on a failed relationship I had with a girl I really liked. And when I say relationship, I mean I had a premium membership on the “Friend Zone Loser’s Club”. Not one of my sharpest days of my life. Anyway, the story was of an ant that fell in love with a flower. And although the flower was flattered, she rejected him for he not being a flower himself. The ant, angry, sad, and guilty of failure, resented the flower and drove her away, and in the end he died when someone walked by happily and stepped on him.


It was a bad ending (like my love life at the time), but the story affected me in ways I hadn’t imagined. Since it was something that had happened to me in real life, I grew dark believing that it was going to be like that for the rest of my life. It made me behave differently among people, and they noticed it.

But then, when I realized that those feelings and attitudes where manifested because of what I was writing, I decided to shift my mindset and write something positive to improve myself. I didn’t know what kind of story I was going to write, but I had it straight in my mind that no matter what happened in the story, the main character would be alive and with a sense of accomplishment. Little by little I gathered inspiration from different sources until I had the building blocks for In Search of Auria. And from there, I took it and made it.

To conclude, what I’m trying to say is that even though I had some bad emotional experiences, I took and shifted those emotions in order to create something beautiful I can share with others now. And in some way, that is how In Search of Auria was created.

I’m Alexis Rojas, and see you next time.


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