Could I go to jail for this?

This one is quick.

I went to a fast food place. I like to go to the bathroom before ordering to wash my hands. While I’m washing my hands, the door of the bathroom opens a bit. A kid pokes his head through the opening and just stares at me for ten whole seconds. I then ask him, “Hey, little buddy, you’re going to use the bathroom?” He answers, “No.”

I then ask, “Then, what do you want?” He says, “I just came here for some candy.”

I look beside the sink and there is a small bucket with courtesy peppermints. I grab the bucket and hold it in front of him. He takes a handful and says, “Thanks.” I say, “You’re welcome, kid.” He then left and I finished washing my hands. While I’m walking to the counter to do the line and order, I ran the whole event on my mind and got spooked.

I just gave candy…to a little kid…in the bathroom…all alone!!!

I was thinking if the kid told his dad that a grown man gave candy to his kid inside the bathroom, instead of writing this I would be registering as a sex offender or something.

Anyway, have a good day!

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