My thumping heart!

Two things almost made my heart jump out of my chest today.

The first: I dreamed there was a giant spider hiding in my house. I was running away and it caught up to me at the hallway. It was a big, furry tarantula! It jumped to my head and I grabbed it by the legs and fell to the floor… I woke up with my heart beating like a freaking drum. The blood pressure rushed so hard through my veins, I could actually here ¬†thumping noise in my ears. And I thought the noise was something hitting my bedside table (maybe it was the spider…)

Second: I logged into my Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) account to see the progressing sales of my novel, In Search of Auria. I have it for free until tomorrow, but in just three days there will be more than 200 downloads!

This was my reaction. (I’m not that hairy)

“Well, that isn’t much?” you say?

I read that some authors sell 50 books per month, while others sell 200 a month. Mine is now for free, I know. But 200 in three days? That is just awesome for me.

I just hope the numbers keep going up until i yell…


When this happens, it will be mind blowing.

If you want to know what all the rage is about, click Here to go to Amazon and find out.

Until then, much love!

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