Living in Cincy

Cincy Lights

Sorry for the fuzzy image!


I have been living in Cincinnati for a few months now, and I have to say it’s quite the city. Well, I don’t live in Cincy per se. I’m that type of person that likes to live near the city, but far enough to not be engulfed with its hassles: parking, traffic jams, that creepy guy at the corner of a building smoking a cigarette staring at you (staring, just staring!)

I live on the other side of the Ohio River, in Kentucky. From there is where I took the night photo of the city, from Newport on the Levee. This is also a great place to hang out with great restaurants, entertainment, boat tours, etc.

All in all, I have fun just looking out the window.

Where do you live at, and what are the great attractions of your city/town? With so many negative things happening around the world, I would like to hear about the good things in it.

Please share, and I hope to hear from you!


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