The weight of the wait

Being a writer gives you the unlimited power to create whatever you want, however you want, when you want it. The possibilities are set on how much you want to push your mind into it. The sea of thought that is your imagination knows no bounds when you appropriately use your medium and reach a maximum depth of expression.

Now, that being said, you cannot control everything, like literary agents.

That is the ongoing battle new authors like myself have: trying to convince an agent to represent you. I have been searching for the most compatible agents and sending them good query letters, but they have not chosen me. It is very frustrating, but like they say where I’m from, “that comes with the package”.

However, I am not discouraged about the quality of my novel, for I have been given 5 star ratings on Amazon. Plus I have received Twitter messages from readers telling me they really enjoyed it. So, I must be doing something right! Haha.

Anyway, I just needed to get that off m chest. I will keep on the fight and, with good faith and reason, I shall prevail!

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