Meet the beasts that claw away into our hero’s spirit!

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Artist: Duncan Regehr

The Corvus

Corvus are giant crows that glide over the tall Forest of Agony. They feast on anything big enough to sustain their hunger, but the meal they crave most are Daystar fairies. Their heavy coat of feathers protect them from the Sear the fairies create. They are lead by the biggest crow of them all, the Great Corvus.


The Bunyip

You’ll never see the Bunyip the same way twice because of its transforming ability. The Bunyip always looks different every time you see it because its body acquires the body parts of the prey it eats. Today it could eat a boar and acquire its head, tomorrow it could eat a deer and acquire its legs, and so on. This unique monster guards the Secret Passage to the Gnome City.


The Banshee

Bulging eyes, dirty hair, ugly face, and a ripped dress, the banshee is as fearsome as it is hideous. She cries and moans like a maiden in distress to attract innocent people, and when they’re close, she rips them to pieces with her claws. And if she doesn’t get them with her claws, she will with her numbing Screech.


 …And these are just a few!

Other beasts include; The Gargoyle, the Lamia, the Ashen Troll, among others!

But, some creatures are not as deadly as they would seem. They even provide their help…

Find out more in In Search of Auria!

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