The kingdoms of Miaflore and Balora are full dangers, but it is not without its people.

Discover the places they dwell in.


Medieval Village


Located on the west border of Miaflore, the Village of Tally sits atop Margot Hill. This small village becomes a very strategic point that both kingdoms want to claim during the battle of Somber Petalia.



This balorian village is surrounded by its flourishing vegetable fields. Though Vieris is close to the miaflorian border, it remains untainted by the war because there is no direct way or path for invasion.


Balorian Outpost

The outpost is close to Vieris and it’s where our hero starts his journey. Surrounded by a tall stake wall, Erik cautiously infiltrates it, and there he learns where Auria is being taken, and who is responsible for the heinous act.



The fortified city of Ambros is the second most important city in Balora, the most important being the capital, Vidana. Ambros is located between the vast Lake Glissia, and the steep Pegnion Mountain Range. Bustling with commerce and trade, and with people of every social class living in it, the city is well protected by a solid stone wall and constantly patrolled by balorian soldiers.


Forest of Agony

The feared forest belongs to Miaflore, but no miaflorian dares to enter it. The trees are so wide and tall, they reach to the skies and block out the rays of the sun, leaving only a dim atmosphere at the bottom. Once inside, you lose all sense of direction and will be claimed by its darkness forever. Erik made a choice to enter it in order to reach his army on the other side. Luckily for him, he stumbled onto a tree with a carved staircase. And at its top, he discovered the legendary fairies known as the Daystars.


Other locations are:

The Riverways, Gnome City, Drawbridge Cross, and more!

In Search of Auria

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