The weight of the wait

Being a writer gives you the unlimited power to create whatever you want, however you want, when you want it. The possibilities are set on how much you want to push your mind into it. The sea of thought that is your imagination knows no bounds when you appropriately use your medium and reach a maximum depth of expression.

Now, that being said, you cannot control everything, like literary agents.

That is the ongoing battle new authors like myself have: trying to convince an agent to represent you. I have been searching for the most compatible agents and sending them good query letters, but they have not chosen me. It is very frustrating, but like they say where I’m from, “that comes with the package”.

However, I am not discouraged about the quality of my novel, for I have been given 5 star ratings on Amazon. Plus I have received Twitter messages from readers telling me they really enjoyed it. So, I must be doing something right! Haha.

Anyway, I just needed to get that off m chest. I will keep on the fight and, with good faith and reason, I shall prevail!


Living in Cincy

Cincy Lights

Sorry for the fuzzy image!


I have been living in Cincinnati for a few months now, and I have to say it’s quite the city. Well, I don’t live in Cincy per se. I’m that type of person that likes to live near the city, but far enough to not be engulfed with its hassles: parking, traffic jams, that creepy guy at the corner of a building smoking a cigarette staring at you (staring, just staring!)

I live on the other side of the Ohio River, in Kentucky. From there is where I took the night photo of the city, from Newport on the Levee. This is also a great place to hang out with great restaurants, entertainment, boat tours, etc.

All in all, I have fun just looking out the window.

Where do you live at, and what are the great attractions of your city/town? With so many negative things happening around the world, I would like to hear about the good things in it.

Please share, and I hope to hear from you!


Improved for you!

Hello, dames and gents!

First of all, I want to say that In Search of Auria has been rated **5** Stars! The reviews on Amazon have been dear, and they say exactly what the story is: a great read, full of action and adventure, and the love story isn’t cheesy, but engaging!

Friends and family have helped me a lot in spreading the word, too. It feels so good to be surrounded by people that motivate and support me with it. I talked with my older brother about it yesterday, and my eyes got a bit watery from him telling me how proud he was of what I’ve done. There is nothing better than having that deep connection between you and your loved ones.

Secondly, I’ve been organizing the website so that followers, fans, and guests can navigate it better. I’ve even added some new pages describing the different aspects of the novel:

Want to know about the characters of the world? Click here>> Characters

Want to know about the monsters that haunt our hero? Click this>> Monsters

Want to buy the novel immediately? You know what to do. Click it!>> Amazon

To the Characters and Monsters pages, I added pictures to each description so to give you an ideal image of what the character or monster may look like or behave. I especially love the ones from Raymond Tolbert and the Corvus.

All in all, it has been a good few days.

Like and Comment below!

Tell me what do you think of the website, and if you’d like to see something else from the novel, ask me! I’ll be sure to help.

Until then!

Near the 1,000 mark!

In Search of Auria on Kindle *** @InSearchOfAuria

This week was a good one for me because I learned something that made me jump around with joy like when i received my first paycheck: Reader’s accepted and loved my novel!

To give you a few numbers, the week before this one, 368 people got my book when it was on Smashwords. This week I made my novel Kindle Exclusive and 404 people claimed it. That is a total of 772 copies of my book in front of 772 pairs of eyes!

And the reviews speak for themselves. To view them, click this link, AmazonReviews.

It has been a great week, and I hope for more to come. Thank you, readers, for taking my novel to new heights!

Get your copy of the book and join me on Facebook and Twitter. Just click the following links:

In Search of Auria on Kindle *** @InSearchOfAuria

My thumping heart!

Two things almost made my heart jump out of my chest today.

The first: I dreamed there was a giant spider hiding in my house. I was running away and it caught up to me at the hallway. It was a big, furry tarantula! It jumped to my head and I grabbed it by the legs and fell to the floor… I woke up with my heart beating like a freaking drum. The blood pressure rushed so hard through my veins, I could actually here  thumping noise in my ears. And I thought the noise was something hitting my bedside table (maybe it was the spider…)

Second: I logged into my Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) account to see the progressing sales of my novel, In Search of Auria. I have it for free until tomorrow, but in just three days there will be more than 200 downloads!

This was my reaction. (I’m not that hairy)

“Well, that isn’t much?” you say?

I read that some authors sell 50 books per month, while others sell 200 a month. Mine is now for free, I know. But 200 in three days? That is just awesome for me.

I just hope the numbers keep going up until i yell…


When this happens, it will be mind blowing.

If you want to know what all the rage is about, click Here to go to Amazon and find out.

Until then, much love!

Reviews are here!

More and more people are downloading “In Search of Auria” every day! I am so happy people are downloading it, and much more, loving it! Here is part of a review from Amazon:

5.0 out of 5 stars but it does it pretty perfectly. The main character is almost the lovable …
I was caught from chapter one. The book definitely has a bit of light, cartoon-ish humor which can be hard to pull of in a book, but it does it pretty perfectly. The main character is almost the lovable idiot type with a lot of ambition. The book does go into a little bit of fantasy war times, so you might need a bit of interest in that. I’m not one for history of any kind, especially real world history, but this was definitely enough to keep my interest for the whole book…
To read the rest of the review, click Here!
My dream of becoming a well known author is beginning, and it’s all due to the people that have read my story, and my friends and family that have supported me. Thank you all!!!
Hey, and if you haven’t gotten my novel yet, what are you waiting for?!
Go to Amazon and get “In Search of Auria”! Download it here!

I’ve got some good, and some bad.

Good news, and not so good news.

The good: “In Search of Auria” is now available on Kindle for everyone to download! Click here to get it!

The bad: Amazon won’t let me put the book for free for extended periods of time.

I thought I could put the book for free until January, like I’ve been promoting. But, Kindle only lets me put the book for free for a short amount of time. Five days to be exact!

It’s a real downer for me because I really wanted to give it away for free on the Holiday Season. But it looks like that’s not going to be the case.


On the flip side, I’ve scheduled for the novel to be free this week, from December 9th through the 12th. Four days for all of you to download!!! After those four days, I’ll keep the book on the $1.99 USD mark until the end of the year.

I’m sorry for the trouble, but on those dates, click Here and download the novel on Kindle.